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Insight: The 2017 U.S. Solar Eclipse 

 By Yogi Baba Prem

 The Vedas are the oldest spiritual teachings that are still practiced in the modern era, and they remain the comprehensive compilation of teachings known to humanity.  While these texts are recorded in archaic Sanskrit, they do offer insight into spirituality.  Encoded within their pages are mantras for healing, spiritual growth and even references to astrology.  Many traditional scholars teach that the Rg Veda refers to the phenomena of the solar eclipse within its pages. An important reference appears within the 5th book (mandala), 40th shloka and 5th verse (5.40.5).  Applying an adhibutic (adhibhautic) interpretation of this verse reveals important secrets.  This verse references Surya, which in the adhibhutic form of translation can be the literal Sun.  There is also a reference to an asura known as Svarbhanu.  Svarbhanu is considered an asura (and in the Vedic period an asura was considered a mighty one rather than the later view of a negative force). In this shloka, the mighty one (Svarbhanu) blocks out the light of Surya.  To put it more correctly and a slightly more modern context as well as in astrological terms, Svarbhanu can be associated with not just the moon but more correctly the North Node of the moon, commonly known as Rahu.  This association of  Svarbhanu and Rahu is supported in the later Puranic texts, as well, creating a consistent theme from the Vedic period to the much later Puranic texts in India.  Interestingly, the name Svarbhanu appears in the Rahu Namavalli--OM Svarbhanave Namah. (Salutations to Svarbhanave.)   Again this clearly identifies the connection of Svarbhanu with the moon and more correctly the north node—Rahu. 


After understanding the important connection of Svarbhanu and Rahu, one can gain awareness of several important challenges and opportunities that occur during a solar eclipse (from a spiritual perspective).  While many people associate the solar eclipse with the day of the event, as a general rule, a solar eclipse marks a beginning of a cycle. So transformational qualities and challenges associated with the eclipse are not associated with the day of the event; rather they may manifest slowly over a much longer period


In August of 2017, the United States experienced a major solar eclipse, one that spanned a large swath of the country though not a visible totality for the entire country.  The recent solar eclipse presents a cycle of challenges for the masses and also indicates a profound compulsion of the mind toward mass trends and consumerism; as the light of the Sun (Atman, Purusha) is obscured.  There will be events that affect the finances of individuals and the country as a whole.  And some natural disasters such as have been seen with hurricane Harvey and Irma that has ravaged the U.S.   From a spiritual perspective, it is during the eclipse that the corona of the sun is revealed to the earthly plane indicating a profound spiritual opportunity for those that can tap into the deeper spiritual essence of the eclipse.  In reality, very few individuals can achieve this, though no doubt, a small number will use this period as a catalyst for deeper spiritual awareness.  The solar eclipse provides two profound and yet, quite the opposite messages to the United States.  While there is a challenge for the mind as the eclipse blocks out the light of the Atman or Purusha indicating a further descent into materialism and suffering for humanity; secondly, there is an opportunity to perceive the finer light of Atman or Purusha, subject to the skill and karma of the individual.   This eclipse has a further compounded as the United States is in a Rahu planetary cycle.  I recommend reading my short article on Rahu and the United States to gain deeper insight into the current planetary cycle.  Combining the information of the eclipse and the planetary cycle can provide profound insight into this cycle. 


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Yogi Baba Prem

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