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5 Things You Can Do to Address Stress. 


By Yogi Baba Prem 


There is little doubt regarding the negative effects of stress and the effects that stress can have on one's health.  In some ways, even joyful events such as a marriage can have elements of stress.  Yet, there are some simple things that everyone can try to reduce the effects of stress.  I would like to share five practical tips for stress that just about anyone can use.    


1.Breathe deeply.  From a yogic view, shallow breathing not is unhealthy. Regrettably, too many people practice shallow breathing, using the upper 1/3 of the lungs.   It is also a reflection of the body holding tension and tension within the mind.  Traditional yogic views are that the breath reflects the mind and the mind reflects the breath.  An easy technique is the complete breath or diaphragmatic breathing.    The technique is simple:


 1. Place your hand on your navel. As you inhale, through the nose, feel that you are pulling the breath all the way to bottom of the lungs and filling them from the bottom up. As this is occurring the navel should be moving out, away from the spine.
2. Hold the breath for 1-2 seconds.
3. Exhale, through the nose, pulling the navel in toward the spine.
4. Immediately move to step one and start the inhalation.



Practice time 1-2 minutes. 


It is reasonable to assume that many of us are already holding stress in our body to some degree.  A simple technique that I have used for decades is the releasing breath.  This simple and effective technique can be beneficial for diffusing energy and releasing negative or stressful energy.  I have a video that can help you to learn this easy and effective technique.   


2. Cultivating a positive outlook.  I think it would be true to say that we all experience ups and downs in life.  As I reflect back on my life, it was during the downs that significantly important things happened.  Not to imply there have not been difficult times in life, but I have observed that often, in my life, these events often set the stage for incredibly important things to happen that not only improved but transformed my life. Select one positive thought (that applies to you) and repeat it 11 times a day for 50 days.  When you have a negative thought, visualize you are hitting the delete key on your keyboard and cancelling that thought.


3. Yoga Exercise is excellent for stress, but I have found that yoga was even more effective.  Asana or postures, for me, have a deeper effect on releasing stress.  Personally, I found yoga sets to be more calming and relaxing than a vigorous physical workout with weights and machines.   


4. Meditation.  Meditation is a part of yoga, but so many people see it as something different I decided to treat it as a separate approach.  The combination of asana and meditation can be a powerful tool in dealing with stress.  And the combination of breathing exercises, asana and meditation are even more significant.  Meditation offers numerous approaches to meet the needs of different temperaments and needs of individuals.  Visualization is likely the most popular form of mediation and is quite popular, especially for beginners.    


5. Mantra and Sacred Sound. Mantra is another powerful tool, as sound has a profound effect on the mind and body, and certainly sacred sound has a markedly profound effect.  One can start with mantras such as chanting “OM” for a few minutes.  Another mantra is “So-hum,” inhale and mentally say, “soooooo,” then exhale and say “hoooooooooom”.  Mantra can be practiced for several minutes and up to 3 minutes initially.    


Many of these techniques can be used in daily life, for example during a stressful meeting; one can practice deep breathing.  It will focus the mind, relax the mind and aid in helping the individual focus on the meeting while disengaging from the stressful elements to a degree.  Likewise, there are times that a technique might not be advisable, for example, sitting in a meeting and suddenly blurting out “OM” is not recommended, unless one wants to bring the meeting to a rapid end, but one can chant silently the mantra “OM”.  With a little thought and creativity, one can find a variety of ways to introduce simple stress reduction techniques into their daily life.    

When you are ready, you can learn more advanced techniques with direct study with Yogi Baba Prem. 


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Yogi Baba Prem

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