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Is Yoga Part of Hinduism.

The Sun and the Heart.

Two False Claims About the Vedas: Om and Shiva

Light on “na tasya pratima asti”

The Cosmic Purusha, the Tree and the Leaf.

Ushas, Ratri and the Cosmic Purusha

Rahu and the Mind

Ahistorical Transgenerational Trauma

Pitta and Colon Cancer

Light on Gayatri.

Insight: 2017 Solar Eclipse

Spirituality, Nature and the Offering.

Clarifying the Ancient Role of Women and the Sacred Feminine.

Bhudevi and Finding Divinity within Nature.

5 Things You Can Do About Stress

Secrets Of Mantra: Hara

Two Things You Can Do to Transform Your Life.

Decoding Purushamedha

The Ancestors: Secret Doorway to Healing

Dining out healthy and on a budget, is it possible?

Bhakti: From the Shadows to the Light

Rahu and the United States

Chakras within the Vedic Teachings

Pashupati-Indus Valley Seals

Rishi's and Rishi Yoga

Prayer for when a Loved One is lost.


Vedic Yoga and Yoga

Ashvamedha: The Secret of the Horse Sacrifice

Hamsa (The Sacred Swan)

Prana Shakti

Understanding Ushas: The Divine Dawn

Contentment (Santosha) and the Chakras

The Sword of Indra.

More Light on Yoga: Secrets of Sadhana

Dhyana: Light on Meditation

Ahimsa: Examining Non-violence

The Elements and the Mind.

The Five Faces of Shiva 

Tantric Roots in the Vedas

Vedic Deities and Yoga      

Vayu, an introduction to the divine wind.

Sarasvati, the Sacred River.

Introduction to Vedic Yoga

Who is a Yogi?

The Blue Throated Shiva

Significance of AUM

Kundalini Yoga and Its Vedic Connection

Kama: Desire and Spirituality

Secret Doctrine of the Heart

The Power of Breath


Analysis of a Mantra.

The Nine-Gates.

Qualities of a Good Yoga Student

Interview with Yogi Baba Prem by Yoga Curious



Meditation: Seeing the Bigger Picture.

Meditation for Beginners



Mantra to chant before meals

Recipe-Coconut Chocolate Bars

Hibiscus Tea

Aloe Vera: Could it help prevent skin cancer

Dandelion: ancient remedy...


The Miracle of Turmeric

Vedic Astrology

Shiva and Saturn.

Rahu and the Mind.

Solstice-opportunity for spiritual acceleration.

Summer Solstice 2014

Lunar Eclipse 2013

Solstice, Society and the World 2012

Spring Equinox

Taming A Malific Saturn 

Secrets of Sanskrit



Light on the Language of Yoga-Sanskrit Words.

Words: Cognitive Interaction to Spritual Deception.

Shiva Prarthana.


Sanatana Dharma-Hinduism

The Four Aims of Life

Paths are Many, the Rishi’s Call it by Many Names

Reincarnation in the Vedas


Vibhuti (sacred ash)


Personal Stories From Yogi Baba Prem

Kundalini Awakening


Crystals and the Ego

Visions of Kali

Guest Writers

The Meaning of the Shiva Lingam By David Frawley









Yogi Baba Prem

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