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Crystals and the Ego.

By Yogi Baba Prem

Thinking back to my youth, I think it might be correct to say I was ‘confident’.  Some might be bold enough to say ‘cocky’  Regardless of one’s views regarding this in the past or present, I, looking back, can easily see the over confidence as I began the spiritual path.  But that is the beauty of youth, it is path that many of us  pass through—thinking that we are indestructible and that our bodies are immortal. 

While my spiritual journey began when I was quite young; I was searching as early as 12 or 13, but there were few  resources back then; but that is another story.  In reality, it wasn’t until my early to mid-twenties that I can honestly say that I began a serious, longstanding search for truth and awareness.  Like so many, my journey was strongly influenced by what was a budding “new age” community.  The new-age community was attempting to answer and address the important spiritual questions that so many generations had asked, but had found little in the way of knowledge or truth within western culture.  The new-age was an important movement that appeared first in the 1920s and experienced a resurgence starting in the 1960s.  This important movement slowly gained strength fully manifesting amongst the masses in the 1980s.  It was during this period that I began to find some answers and learn technique.  Eventually, I found my way to crystals. 

Crystals were a common tool amongst many new-age practitioners.  Crystals did prove to be powerful tools for personal and planetary transformation.  In fact, crystals are even a part of the oldest religion still practiced today—Sanatana Dharma, later known as Hinduism.  The best known form of this would be the sphatika lingam, or crystal lingam.  Modern examples of this would be Paramahansa Yogananda, who had crystals, I saw a large crystal many years ago in the shop at the windmill location in California.  Kauai’s Hindu Monastery is also home to a very large Shiva Lingam. 

Initially, I read a few books about crystals, learning the basics and eventually moving towards more intermediate levels.  One of my early experiences involved a powerful healing that took place using a crystal on my knee.  I had injured my knee in a hiking accident.  Being young and naive, somehow it made sense that sitting at home in excruciating pain made more sense than going to see a doctor.  I spent the night in tremendous pain.  The next day my knee was the size of a softball.  In desperation, I took one of favorite crystals that was about 2 inches in length, placed it against my knee and begged the heavens for help.  I went into what would be called an altered state of consciousness.  I could see inside my knee, and I could see a variety of colors coming from the crystal into the knee.  This must have lasted for about 40 minutes.  When I can out of this state of consciousness, all pain was gone from my knee.  I could actually put all of my weight on the knee.  I was so shocked that I actually jumped on the knee several times to test it.  When that worked, I found myself tapping the knee with increasing verbosity.  All pain was gone.  The swelling remained, but was gone within a few hours.  Needless to say, this was a powerful experience and sparked my interest in crystals greatly.  Weeks turned into months and eventually I wanted to know all that could be known about crystals. 

It is interesting to note how ignorant we are about things sometimes.  In yoga, it is called avidya—ignorance, and I was its king.  While sitting in my avidya or ignorance, I felt that I was complete within vidya or knowledge, and that to take the next step would involve tapping into a crystal in a way that I had never experienced before.  I would lay-down on the floor and begin a journey that I had no idea where I was going or where it would take me, but the crystal would be my vehicle into the unknown. 

One day, I would lay down in my living room floor, and take the same crystal that I had experienced the healing with on my knee; I would take this crystal and place it on my third eye.  As it was sitting on the third eye, I could feel it vibrating.  It was as if the crystal was anticipating the event as well.  Of course, an object cannot anticipate, if it could surely it would have warned me of my foolish intentions.  And then I uttered the words—“Show me what you got!”

Suddenly a blinding light shot through my brain and body.  The intensity was like something ‘white-hot’.  It was like nothing I had ever known.  My body began to shake.  The light would not stop.  It was as if I was frozen in place.  The light continued to flow through my third eye, through my brain and into my body.  Eventually, I was able to move the crystal off of third eye.  After sometime, I was able to sit up.  There were welts all over my body.  After a little more time, I was able to get up.  I was still shaky.  Once I was able to get up onto the sofa, I assessed my body and noticed that the welts remained.  They would remain for several hours.  Eventually fading a later.  I then slept the rest of the afternoon, evening and night. 

The next morning, I realized how foolish I was.  Unsure of what happened, I was not sure if had a life changing experience or was just feel lucky to be alive.  I never did that again.  I never wanted to do it again.  It was not fun.  It was intense, fueled by youthful ignorance, but a powerful learning experience and a lesson in humility. 

I still work with crystals today.  But after 25+ years, I have a healthy respect for the them.  In fact, I have learned a healthy respect for the energies of the spiritual process.  After all, in the domain of spirituality, we are dealing with forces of creation and destruction.  The subtle energies of the mind are same subtle forces that create planets and black holes.  It is essence of divinity, beyond description, beyond words, but not beyond experience. 


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Yogi Baba Prem

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