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Lunar Eclipse 2013

By Yogi Baba Prem

This article is for informational and educational purposes only.  It is not intended to diagnose and prescribe any type of action.  Astrological forecasts should be only one of numerous pieces of information that one considers. 

 The upcoming lunar eclipse in May 2013 will be visible to large portions of North America, portions of Africa and all of South America.  This will not be a full lunar eclipse; rather the earth will cast its shadow only upon a portion of the moon. 

For the United States this eclipse will be strongly associated with houses 12 and 6, and is generally inauspicious.  As the Yugadi chart in early April indicated potential actions from an enemy for the U.S., which appear to have manifested, this cycle may possibly continue until next April based on the Yugadi chart.  The eclipse itself occurs in the 12th house with the moon, indicating potential for emotional loss.  On the opposite side of this 12th house spectrum, this is a powerful time for people in the U.S. and others to immerse themselves into spiritual study and meditation. 

During the eclipse, the Sun is in the 6th house which is a house of enmity and enemies, which raises concerns about hostility toward the U.S. increasing after the eclipse.  As the sun is in an area of the zodiac that is one of great fortune, its location in the 6th house for the U.S. is not auspicious.  Fortunately, this is not a full eclipse which would be a full eclipsing of the light of the soul flowing into the mind.  But this partial eclipse will indicate a furthering of emotionalism and fundamentalism for the U.S.  Fundamentalist and conservatives will continue to have enmity towards the government.  The Sun being in the same house as Mars and Venus is not auspicious as well, and may indicate difficulty for the U.S. to become focused on those that are presenting challenges. 

This eclipse will also occur within a lunar mansion that is generally unfavorable for the moon.  This will require that one have a strong will and clear decisive action when facing the obstacles that may present themselves.  Mentally more people may have issues with power, authority and independence.  They key is to master ones emotions and the subconscious mind.  The Vedic deity Indra (I recommend reading the ‘Sword of Indra’ article) plays an important role in this cycle, as this will help in proclaiming and embracing ones self-power as well as bringing their inner being into the outer world. 

It is highly likely that we will see an intensification of people doing just weird things as well as psychologically disturbed actions in the upcoming months following the eclipse. 

The key during this period is to pull back from the emotionalism of the masses.  To strengthen ones will, cultivate clarity and decisive action.  This is an excellent time to work on overcoming obstacles; transformation of the ego (if one can connect with the energies represented by Indra).  It is also an opportunity to strengthen ones sense of self and self empowerment, but may require work to achieve.  The moons transit is somewhat strong as it passes through the 12th house, but this will likely not negate all the challanges; but, this will enhance the opportunities for one that can embrace them.  It is a potentially challanging cycle, but with challange is opportunity for the one wise enough to embrace it. 

  Inlight of the power connection with Indra, we recommend reading the Sword of Indra to gain insight into Indra.

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Yogi Baba Prem

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