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Prayer for when one has lost a loved one.


By Yogi Baba Prem


Often I am asked about prayers for the passing of a loved one.  This includes friends, family members and pets. 

There is a beautiful rik from the Rig Vedas for this:

Om AA  ta etu mana punah kratve dakshaaya jiivase,

Jyok ca suuryam drishe.      Rig Veda


May your spirit return again, to perform pure acts for exercising strength, and to live long to see the sun. 


Chant this mantra while thinking of the special person that has just left this world.  It can also be used many months after the passing of a loved one.  Merely think of them, and the energy of the mantra will travel to them. 


If you have trouble with this mantras pronunciation, I have made a recording available to you.  It is only .99 cents, now available as an mp3 file only.




Yogi Baba Prem

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