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Meditation: Seeing the Bigger Picture

 By Yogi Baba Prem

 While meditation is beginning to grow in popularity, it is often within the context of helping the individual performing the meditation. It would be correct that the practitioner of meditation benefits immensely from the practice of meditation in its myriad of forms. Often young practitioners of concentration or meditation are not exposed to the bigger picture or importance of their personal practice.

As one begins a more serious practice of concentration (dhrana) or meditation (dhyana), there are significant changes that occur, especially in the advanced levels but applicable to the intermediate levels as well. Most notable being that one becomes a portal of light/consciousness, and its spiritual manifestation. It is at this level meditation initially brings more light to the physical body, then the home, next to your neighborhood, city, country, and finally the world. Regrettably, the energy diffuses more as it expands from your meditation room, but it does spread into a larger area and gently nourishes the global vibration. The more people meditating together or in a geographic area, the more of this light is generated within that geographic area and expanded into the world. The more a group is connected via a similar meditation, the more generation of this vital spiritual energy. The less attuned a group is with one another, the conflicting thoughts amongst practitioners will restrict the process to a degree unless the team can generate enough light to harmonize the thoughts amongst its members. There are techniques that one can use to harmonize the energies of the group. While any form of meditation will have this larger benefit, it is by utilizing enhanced techniques the benefit for the larger community can be increased. One of the more practical tools for this would be chanting. As most chanting is in Sanskrit, it bridges the astral body and the physical body, in essence bringing more light into the astral and physical worlds.  

Most chanting is performed with shorter bijas mantras, as they are easier to learn. But the longer mantras can be a powerful conduit for light to flow through our physical/astral world, whereby having a more profound impact on the world. While learning more advanced mantras requires a unique skill set, merely hearing the much longer mantras from our trained Mantra Teachers, Brahmins, Yogi’s/Yogini’s or other highly trained individual can strengthen this light in your personal meditation at home.


Listening to chanting via MP3s or playing CDs in your home can help strengthen this vibration.  If you wish, you can obtain the 'Shiva Prarthana' that we chant here at Universal Yoga and you can listen to it.  It is available here http://vedicpath.com/products/Books.html.  This is an important prayer to Shiva.  I have always suggested you set an intention of the prayer at the beginning of but prior to the start of the mantra.  Then put the mantra on ‘repeat’ and allow too play for a period that is comfortable for you.

There are special meditations that can be performed as well, but these are best taught directly to a student.  It is important to remember that anything you do contributes to the vibration of the planet.  Therefore, each of you is very important and plays an important role. 

Arguments of the Limitations of the Kali Yuga.


Some might argue, ‘this is the Kali Yuga and nothing can really be done about this!’  No doubt the events that transpire within this world are part of an age-old process. What many do not realize is that while the Kali Yuga was dawning, an important Rishi was performing a yajna for an exceptionally long period of time. His goal was rather simple; it was to diffuse the manifesting energies of the Kali Yuga. There is little doubt in my mind that this was successful to the degree that it could be, and possibly we have all benefited from that yajna to this day. But the effects of the Rishi’s Yajna has been waning over the last 150 to 200 years, which has given birth to the age of technology as we currently know it   Haven’t you ever wondered why humanity had such an explosion of technology suddenly and in a short period of time relative to the age of humanity?  The fading effects of the Rishi’s yajna clearly explain the sudden growth of technology over the last hundred years, as technology is one of the attributes of the Kali Yuga.  

 It is important for us to remember that aside from the Vedas, most recorded human history has been in the Kali Yuga and therefore, we have little evidence or influence of the previous Yuga aside from the teachings that were left for this yuga!  While the Kali Yuga will march onward, we as a people do have the ability to steer these currents or influence them to some degree, but only to degrees, just as the Rishi did. The Kali yuga consists of numerous cycles within cycles with the current cycle being a thousand year cycle, which is currently in a sub-cycle of circa 150-170 years or so, which is part of a larger sub-cycle of several hundred years.  But regardless of the cycle, it is important to remember that your personal meditation practice is a portal for light, and at this time carries a particular importance, as the world can benefit from as much light as possible. 

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Yogi Baba Prem

  • Yogi Baba Prem has two books published in India, and has written numerous other books published by Universal Yoga. 


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