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Rahu and the United States

by Yogi Baba Prem

As the north node of the Moon, Rahu receives very little credit for its malefic manifestations among the general public. Things have appeared strange for awhile, the other day I was sitting contemplating the world, and the thought arose in my mind—relative to many of the events currently occurring it seems that Rahu is greatly influencing people. So I generated a chart of the United States and looked at the Maha Dasha (dominant planet in any period), and on September 28th of 2015, the United States moved into a Rahu/Rahu Maha Dasha cycle. This is a long period and will be specifically powerful into 2018. So what does this mean?

The Rahu Maha Dasha is a long period, meaning the U.S. will be under its influence for close to 18 years. While Rahu does indicate important karmas are manifesting for the nation, it also indicates a powerful influence over mass trends, meaning that the citizens will be strongly influenced by mass trends. While this is no doubt a boon for marketers, it will also place pressure upon individuals to have financial resources to support these mass trends. But Rahu will likely indicate more than this.
While Rahu and its specific effects will be subject to each individuals chart and the planetary period they currently reside in, it is likely the recent prolific deaths of so many musicians in the latter part of 2015 to early 2016 were influenced by Rahu, as Rahu can have a strong association with death. This can be a period where there is an increase in deaths of a spouse, about the previous individual factors noted previously. As Rahu is found in the 8th house of the U.S. birth chart, it is likely that we will see increased conversion to other religious, especially Islam over the next 18 years. It is quite possible we may see an increase in religious extremism within the government. This has already been building and appears ready to blossom.

It is quite possible that the poor will suffer more during this cycle, as Rahu can be difficult on the impoverished. In some ways, we can already see this with the growing effort to cut social security by the government. This will be even more profound in third world countries that are in Rahu cycles. This can be a cycle where a strong selfish disposition manifests among the masses, and in some ways, one can see this starting to manifest and build in the mind of the country among specific groups.

Rahu’s energy can be directed toward long-term betterment of society, but only if there is a concerted effort by a large group of citizens within the U.S. Otherwise, this can be a period of intense work on karma for the country. Rahu can provide the physical strength to move through the obstacles, but on a physical level, it can also be a period of increased obesity. We must remember that we have a choice, increased physical activity or obesity. There is an opportunity for those that are active during this cycle, especially in the realm of karma and health.

Rahu may usher in new forms of communication and electronic equipment, but it is possible these may be more of objects of desire among the masses. There will likely be new discoveries about the mind, and likely some important major drugs for the brain will be developed during this cycle. Those with a weak mind can more easily come under the influence of astral forces, which can feed the violence we currently see manifesting in the U.S.   
Rahu and Mercury being together may result in people literally chasing themselves around in circles. We may see a rise in channeling and ‘spirit communication’ among the masses. But many of the forces can be delusional and can mislead many individuals. Some will find conflicts with their mother increasing during this cycle, as Cancer (where Rahu is located) is the fourth sign of the zodiac, which is associated with the mother, but this remains subject to the individual chart.

More importantly, this could be a very difficult cycle for our government, as the Cancer is the fourth sign, as the fourth sign and/or house can be associated with the government. This will be a cycle where government actions result in loss or longevity for the country. There is also the possibility that agreements made by the government during this Rahu cycle will go quite well, but may develop problems after the end of the Rahu cycle.


There are numerous strategies that one can use in trying to account for this cycle of Rahu. Firstly would be to have an astrological reading to find out where Rahu is in your chart and the specific qualities it represents within your life.

· Yoga can strengthen the ‘subtle nervous system’ which can help with Rahu.

· Meditation can be beneficial, but one must be able to clear their meditation area of astral energies that do not serve them.

· Try not to get drawn into emotional issues, conversations or emotional mass trends.

· Avoid gray stones such as hematite. Limit gray colors unless one needs to increase detachment.

· Carefully select the mass trends that one subscribes to.

· Remember this is also an opportunity to work on karma, and the issues that present themselves are asking to be examined.

For specific yoga/meditations or remedials, one should examine their individual chart with a qualified Vedic astrologer.
It should be noted that each individual will have a different flow; so many things covered in this article may not be specific to the individual, rather it examines the country as a whole. But as goes the country, so it goes for many of the people. This article is intended to alert everyone to possible manifestations of Rahu in the upcoming years, and allow one to engage proactive strategies, as with each challenge there is an opportunity. And while we should not embrace fear, it is wise to have an eye on events in the U.S.


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Yogi Baba Prem

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