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Shiva Prārthana

By Yogi Baba Prem

The Shiva prārthana is a very special prayer for me; it is one I have favored for decade after decade.  In reality, I have been teaching and writing about various concepts and teachings found in this prayer for many years.  The word prārthana can be translated as prayer; therefore, the Shiva prārthana is a prayer to Shiva as Divine consciousness.  The Shiva prārthana consists of numerous important mantras such as the Hamsah Gayatri, the 5-faces of Shiva are contained in this mantra, as well as the Mahamrityunjaya mantra which is one of the most important healing mantras of our current age.  Likewise, there are mantras specifically to Rudra which is the Vedic form of Shiva. 

The conundrum was bringing the experience of this mantra to the masses. As this mantra is considerably longer than mantras most people are exposed to.  Additionally, it involves particular skills in chanting that requires the student to have a broad skill-set that is beyond what most student’s of spirituality wish to invest time to cultivate in our current age, though there are some special souls that do invest the time to cultivate these skills.  Yet, the question continued to arise in my mind, how we can make this accessible to so many that could benefit from this mantra. The answer was simply to make a recording.  This recording allows one to gain many benefits from the mantra and to access various aspects of the ancient Vedic teachings without the required skill sets to have known this important mantra in the past. 

This mantra is a prayer for spiritual growth, realization, and healing as well as one projecting for material needs. Obviously, it should not be used in a superficial way, but it does afford an avenue of spiritual exploration previously closed to most students.  The Shiva prārthana is also an opportunity to visit a temple from the comfort of one’s home, in its higher manifestation it is a journey toward the inner temple of the spiritual heart. 

This style of chanting is different from what most people are exposed to, as it reflects the higher ancient teachings of the Vedic age.  It takes a higher mind to be able to embrace this form of chanting, as it is quite foreign from the melodic chanting to the modern age favored in Kirtan that has become so popular in the last decade or so.  This recording is in essence the next step for the serious student of spirituality.  With repetition of listening to this mantra, one’s mind may be transformed into its higher potential and may embrace the more ancient form of chanting. 

It is my hope and prayer that you will grow from the chanting of this mantra

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Yogi Baba Prem

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