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Solstice, Society, the World and its Message--2012.

By Yogi Baba Prem

Often within astrology people expect astrological events to happen immediately, without realizing that the manifestation of energies indicated within the chart can take decades to hundreds of year to cycle through. 

Most notable of these have been the recent solstices.  For a considerable period of time the winter solstice has been occurring within the Nakshatra (Lunar Mansion) of Mula.  The word mula means root and the mula nakshatra indicates a return to our roots, or in some cases for people being rattled to their foundation.  Mula also indicates powerful changes taking place in the earthly realm, not as in earth changes that have been so dramatically presented over the last few decades, but what we term as ‘natural disasters’ are indicated by this event.  In fact, we have been under a mula winter solstice prior to 2000. 

This does not indicate that global problems started at this time winter solstices began occurring under mula, but rather indicates that the earth will intensify its attempts to establish equilibrium again.  This has resulted in several devastating earth quakes and Tsunami’s in the Pacific realm.  While many think about the devastating Tsunami that hit Indonesia and other parts of the world in December 2004, or the Tsunami that hit Japan in 2011.  Often people have forgotten the earthquake that ravaged Haiti in 2010.  Additionally, there were major earthquakes in Turkey, India and other areas of the world. 

This process was further compounded by Mars having its closest approach to the Earth in 50,000 years in 2003.  The energy of Mars starting building decades prior to 2003, in which we have seen increased military activity globally, fires around the world such as the devastating fire in Australia.  And this activity has increased after Mars closest point in 2003, with military actions occurring in many areas of the world, and the manifestation of almost “superfires” consuming millions of acres. 

For students of spirituality there are several remedials to work with this energy:

·         Certainly having a good yogic sadhana that includes meditation would be beneficial.  Especially, sadhana to strengthen the subtle nervous system and aura.

·         Mantra to Soma. 

·         Strengthening our relationship with nature or the Goddess Bhu. (For more on Bhu, read my book “From Earth to Heaven”)

The real message of the current solstices is one asking us to reexamine our relationship with the earth.  It is also one asking us to cultivate the soma within our lives, nurturing ourselves and those that we encounter.


Our blessing is that the Summer Solstice occurs in Mrigashira connecting us with Soma, we miss the summer solstice occurring in Ardra by only a few days.  A winter/summer solstice combination of mula and ardra would be a most difficult combination for humanity, requiring a great deal of work, personal sacrifice and challenge on a global scale. 

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Yogi Baba Prem

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