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Summer Solstice 2014

By Yogi Baba Prem Yogacharya, VedavisharadaThis article is for informational and educational purposes only.  It is not intended to diagnose and prescribe any type of action.  Astrological forecasts should be only one of numerous pieces of information that one considers. This is a more broad look at the U.S. and planets would have different effects for an individual.

The day of the summer solstice is a special time for meditation and spiritual activity.  From an astrological standpoint, it is an opportunity to connect with the energies of the soul and to bring them into the physical world for manifestation.  The solstice also marks a six month cycle for the energies of a region or individual as well. For the individual or region, karmas can be investigated but more importantly one can cultivate an understanding of potential challenges and opportunities that are available during this cycle. 

Let’s examine what messages this solstice period indicates for the United States.  The Sun itself is under a nakshatra (lunar mansion) known as Mrighashira, the antelopes head.  The ruling planet of this nakshatra is Mars, which can indicate scientific advances, intellectual advances, but also holds the possibility of military actions for the U.S.  But the energy of Mars is really an opportunity for the U.S. to wind down military actions.  If there are military actions during this cycle, the U.S. has a strong energy for success. 

This will continue to be a cycle of Rajasic/tamasic activity, indicating further polarity between liberals and conservatives, with conservatives attempting to expand their power base.  People will continue to be drawn toward illusions of what is perceived as ‘pretty’ images, as television will continue to influence the masses and keep them focused on the mundane instead of more serious issues facing the world.  This is and will continue a cycle of self indulgence for many.  There will be a strong seeking of enjoyment.  This is also a period of spiritual opportunity, but requires work to tap into the spiritual energies.  Those successful during this period can tap into Divine bliss; the key to achieving this is through self control and occasional self sacrifice for a greater truth to manifest.    

Following the solstice, this 6-month period is a time of Soma.  Soma being the spiritual nectar is strongly associated with bliss and spiritual realization.  For the spiritual adept, they will seek a greater awareness of Soma or nectar.  For those more caught up in the world, it can be a time of increased sensuality.  Due to this being a period of Soma, there is the possibly of increasing drug usage; as people seek artificial forms of soma (drugs) and enjoyment through the temporary feeling drugs provide.  There are specific meditations that one can perform to attempt to experience or strengthen awareness of soma to a greater degree. 

At the time of the solstice there is an interesting planetary combination, as Jupiter the lord of the 1st and 4th house (for the U.S.) will be within the 8th house during and following the summer solstice.  This can indicate a period of loss, especially financial loss in the U.S., therefore, financial conflicts in the congress are likely to remain highly active during this cycle.  Likewise, Jupiter is a significator of health and may indicate increasing health issues or an awareness of a new or emerging disease.   Interestingly Jupiter is rather strong in this house which will mitigate some of the downside potential listed above, but not all.  The financial issues will be further be compounded by the moon being in Aries, as it is a lord of loss for the U.S. and Aries is a house of stocks and investments.  So while Jupiter is stronger, it cannot compensate fully for the moon placement in the 5th house and mitigate the potential stock volatility.    

The combination of Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn/Rahu in libra was last seen in the year 1101 CE.  And if we add Mars to Virgo, as it will be during the solstice, we have not seen this combination since the year 804 CE.  It is interesting to note that during approximately 800 CE to 1300 CE there was a natural warming cycle for the earth.   It is interesting that we are approaching this planetary combination while a warming cycle appears to be happening albeit a human induced cycle.  In the cycle from 804 CE to 1101 CE it was a time of human expansion due to warming, it is suspect that this cycle will be the opposite as it will likely manifest as challenges for humanity. 

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