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The Sun and the Heart.

By Yogi Baba Prem

A sacred moment is about to occur; the sun is preparing to enter the anahata (heart) chakra. While the most significant emphasis is given to the solstice points, the equinox is equally important.  As the solstice represents the extremes of the Sun's movement through the astral body, the equinox represents a point of equilibrium, harmony, and peace.

The visible sun represents our internal sun which is Atman, Purusha or paratman if one prefers.  The sun is a reminder of our true essence—light and consciousness. While the sun is static in our solar system, it is dynamic in the astral body as it moves through the chakra system just as it appears to move in the sky to the eye.  The equinox is an excellent opportunity to tap into the peace of that moment.  It is fleeting as, like the solstice, the equinox occurs only twice a year.  The point of the sun entering into the astral heart is an opportunity to put into motion heart-centered desires, projections and mantras. 


Knowing, understanding and practicing during the equinox is an important opportunity in yogic cycles that regrettably receives very little attention, as it has almost become forgotten in the yogic world. 

While there are specific techniques one can do, any sadhana during the equinox would be spiritually beneficial.  This is also an excellent time to set heart centered intent and projections for the upcoming 6-months.  This is the astrological component of yoga, to learn more about this fascinating subject consult my book “An Introduction to Astrological Yoga.”

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