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Two Things You Can Do To Transform Your Life. (Or at least spiritually grow.)

By Yogi Baba Prem

We live in an age where there is a proliferation of self-help books, and there is little doubt this has been the case since the 1980s.  For over a quarter of a century, one can easily find a variety of techniques that are designed to improve one's life, attitude and understanding of themselves and their relationship with others. Many of these techniques range from profound and  practical to absurd.  There is little doubt that some are techniques quite effective, while others are complex and require much work.  Of course, many worthwhile endeavors require a commitment and a more serious level of work/repetition.  I believe that success begins with tools that are easily embraced, practical and are logical/desirable to the mind.  With this in mind, there are simple techniques that one can use that can have a profound impact on the quality of one’s life and can be powerful tools for increasing peace and contentment.  Of all the techniques I have used, I cannot speak highly enough about the first technique--forgiveness


Forgiveness is a simplistic, complex, easy, difficult, and a  profound tool within one's life. Forgiveness is multifaceted, and to unlock its power we must apply the philosophy of forgiveness not only to those we perceive to have hurt us, but it must be applied to directly ourselves, and, for some, forgiveness must even be applied to divinity. To practice forgiveness simply close the eyes and visualize someone that you feel that has harmed you.  Ask a simple question, ' Am I ready to forgive you?'  The key is to be honest with yourself. It's okay if you're unable to forgive them at this time, as true forgiveness must come from honesty.   This is an exercise is in being honest, honoring that honesty so that one can cultivate a pathway to healing.  Next, bring up an image in the mind of someone that you have wronged in life and ask them to forgive you. It's important to be honest in this process as well.  There may be occasions where they are unwilling to forgive you.  That's ok. Success is not measured in the number of 'successful' events you acquire; rather succes is measured in honesty and sincere attempts.  Ideally, the way to address this is with a strategy, simply repeatedly visit this image of this individual in meditation and ask them if they will forgive you.  Often over time and with patience a positive result will occur.


The next technique is one of my favorites.  While forgiveness can be very powerful, the practice of  gratitude is equally profound within our lives. The practice of gratitude can have enormous healing benefits. And it can be a catalyst for a deep personal transformation. This technique is simple to practice.   Simply close your eyes and review the events of the day, with each event feel and affirm you are grateful for that event or 'thing' that entered into your life. With time and practice, this technique can be expanded and you can apply it toward different periods of your life.  One may wish to eventually apply it over one's entire life.  Cultivating a sense of gratitude for the opportunities and the challenges can move one more into a profound state of peace and contentment, as well as welcoming a sense of joy into one's life.


Both of these techniques require only a few minutes daily.  Repetition is the key.  Think long-term, and allow the techniques to reveal new levels of consciousness and understanding.  Through the application of forgiveness and gratitude, one can invoke a powerful catalyst and awaken a potent force within their life.  For some, this can be a force that can bring about profound change. While the techniques can be easily applied or practiced within one's life, it's logical that there will be challenges that one may encounter. For example, one may encounter an individual that they are unwilling to forgive or one may encounter an event for which they are unable to feel gratitude. The key is to not judge oneself when this occurs, rather continuously revisit the area of conflict over weeks, months and even years to decades.  Sometimes the challenge is to see if one is open to welcoming forgiveness into their heart and gratitude into their mind and body. With practice and repetition you can be successful and can  cultivate greater peace within one's life. 

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Yogi Baba Prem

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