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By Yogi Baba Prem


Vibhuti is ash, more correctly, it is sacred ash.  The term vibhuti comes from the Sanskrit word Bhuti meaning wealth or precious.  With the prefix or preposition of Vi meaning very or more, indicating the literal meaning of vibhuti is very precious.  Vibhuti is known by a variety of terms in India, some of which include the term Bhasma, commonly used in Ayurveda.  But within our tradition, we define both terms slightly differently.  Bhasma is an ash, but is commonly made from metals, gems and other materials.  For example, Iron ash in Ayurveda may be commonly referred to as mandura bhasma or lauha bhasma.  There are bhasmas made from a variety of other metals, but these require very rigorous and exacting preparation.  Otherwise, they can be dangerous, though there are bhasmas that are comprised largely of plant material as well.  For this reason, we generally refer to a bhasma from an Ayurvedic standpoint.  While there can be a spiritual component to bhasma, we generally, within our tradition use vibhuti to refer to spiritual ash; albeit there is a healing and health component to Vibhuti as well. 


Vibhuti is a carrier or transport device for sacred energy or vibration.  The application of vibhuti increases and gently awakens one to the sacred vibration that the vibhuti is the vehicle for.  It is an important tool for meditation and is commonly used to enhance ones spiritual growth.

Our vibhuti is prepared using traditional means in India.  But the unique facet of our vibhuti is that it is specifically tuned to the individual and for their specific karmas.  Additionally, it is energized with the energy of Divine consciousness.  These work in concert to provide a powerful tool for spiritual growth and wellness. 

When ordering Vibhuti, it is assumed that you have not worked with Vibhuti before; therefore, we provide an information sheet explaining how to care for and use your vibhuti.  But remember your vibhuti is tuned specifically to you, if you wish to share vibhuti with others, we suggest procuring vibhuti that is energized for them. 

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Yogi Baba Prem

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