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Gain Insight into your opportunities, challenges and karmas in life.

Vedic Astrology provides deep insight into our karmas, compulsions and traits.  Allowing you to understand why you are compelled toward particular behaviors and traits.  A Vedic astrology reading, with Yogi Baba Prem, provides insight into how these behaviors work as indicated in the birth chart.   A powerful system of remedials (techniques that can aid in balancing your chart) can be used as part of an overall wellness lifestyle.  All of Yogi Baba Prems readings are from a standpoint of understanding ones karma.

Vedic Astrology was also understood to be connected to Yoga and Meditation practice.  Providing insight into what styles and specific meditations would be beneficial for practitioners of Yoga and Meditation. 

Vedic Astrology can tell us about past lives, next incarnation, chakra issues, latent potentials we have and challenges we face on a personal level.  It can also help us in spiritual growth and meditation.  This is only a sample of what can be achieved in a Vedic Astrology reading.  

Consultations with Yogi Baba Prem Tom Beal Yogacharya, Vedavisharada, CYI, C.ay, C.va, are available over the phone, through Skype or in our online classroom. Payment may be by check, cash, or over the Internet using your credit card via PayPal. Birth information required: Birth date, exact time, and city, state, country and profession. All consultations are based upon analysis of the Vedic Astrology chart. Advice is given strictly as guidance which clients retain the right to use according to their own free will and discernment for their particular circumstances. All final decisions and actions are the sole responsibility of the client. Client is responsible for long distance charges if outside of the United States or Canada and not using Skype.

Once we have received your order, allow 24 hours to process your payment, then you will receive an information packet via email.  Make sure to include an email address that you check regularly.  Once we have received your order, there are no refunds on your reading, we do allow for rescheduling for emergencies at no additional charge.  More than one reschedule will require additional fees. 

Initial Vedic Astrology Reading $210.00

Approximately 45 minutes to one hour overview of your birth chart, focusing on major areas and patterns of your life. Extra emphasis is given to aligning your life in harmony with your true purpose and goals. An examination of karma is included.  This program includes one technique to aid you in balancing negative influences or habits indicated in your chart ($100.00 dollar value included with your first reading), and to aid in changing unproductive patterns. Included is event timing calculations for the optimum date and time to begin your technique(s), if any are suggested. As a great deal of information is covered in your initial reading, your reading is recorded and is available for download, allowing you to review the information at your convenience.  This reading is required prior to any of the other readings offer, except if it is combined with the Nakshatra reading below.  Note: regrettably, we cannot be responsible for any technique issues with your recording. 


Nakshatra (Lunar Mansion) reading $150.00

This reading takes approximately 45 minutes to one hour.  The reading is live with Yogi Baba Prem and recorded.  The recording is sent via email so you can review your reading, as it covers a great deal of information, which is generally too much for most people to remember.  After the initial reading, this is our most popular reading. 

Nakshatra Reading


Rudraksha Astrological Consultation

Rudrakshas are sacred to Shiva, but many do not realize within India there are spiritual therapy systems based upon the Rudraksha.  Yogi Baba Prem offers a consultation on the best Rudraksha for ones planet, possibly the lunar mansion and/or spiritual goals.  Note: Yogi Baba Prem does not provide rudraksha readings for specific diseases or to treat illness.  He only focuses upon spiritual issues and astrological issues.

Note: This is an involved process with numerous steps. 

1. Obtain the Rudraksha consultation.  This consultation will not include the recommended rudraksha beads.  We do not sell rudrakshas, but we can provide some suggestions for sellers of the rudrakshas.  Note: some rudrakshas can require a significant investment, while Yogi Baba Prem will make efforts to find the most economical rudrakshas for you, but it is important to note that some rudrakshas can range from several hundred dollars to over a thousand, and the most economical rudraksha may not be the best rudraksha for an individual chart.  Investment: $150.00

2. If you wish Yogi Baba Prem to perform a puja and ritual with your rudrakshas, you will need to mail your Rudrakshas certified mail with insurance to us.  A proper date for your puja is selected and performed.  The Rudrakshas must be shipped with a return box, prelabled with return address via certified mail with insurance.  Investment: $550.00

3. Selection of a proper day for begin wearing your rudraksha.  This will involve training in a short ritual you will need to perform and selection of an auspicious date based upon your chart.  Investment: $150.00

Prerequistis: You must have had an initial Vedic Astrological reading with Yogi Baba Prem prior to having a rudraksha reading. 

Questions? or would you like to schedule a reading email us.


Astrological Chakra Readings   $150.00

Many people do not realize that the planets are connected with the chakras, therefore, the chakras energies can be read and understood through the astrological chart.  This program is traditionally considered important for spiritual growth.  As a variety of techniques can be used in an attempt to improve the function of the chakra.  In reading, techniques such as a specific yoga posture, meditation or mantra (sacred sound) may be given to aid in harmonizing the energy of chakra. 

Note: you must have received the initial reading prior to scheduling a chakra reading.

Chakra Reading

Vedic Chart Karmic/Development System. 

This system is a personalized program to address energy imbalances within the chart.  The techniques attempt to modify karma, It consists of identifying the areas to be worked on, developing a comprehensive program that is manageable and fits the life-style of the individual.  The initial session consists of two sessions: 1) a short phone interview to identify the areas that should be focused on 2) A follow-up session to teach the personalized program developed by Yogi Baba Prem.  Investment: $150.00

Note: Initial Reading required  prior to scheduling the Karmic/Development System. 

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Relationship Compatibility Analysis $200.00
30 minute in-depth consultation to explore compatibility between two individuals. Extra focus is given to areas of harmony and disharmony between the individuals, and areas of potential difficulty.

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Event Timing $100.00
Consultation to select the proper time to initiate any activity. This program is excellent for selecting the best date for Marriage/Engagement, Incorporation of a company, Spiritual pilgrimage, initiation or the beginning of any adventure.

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Current Year Forecast $150.00
45 minute forecast for the upcoming year. This program is best used near your birth date. It can be performed after the birth date but all calculations are started from the birth date forward for one year.  It gives insight into how your birth chart will manifest in the upcoming year.  Gain insight into strengths, and challenges that may try and manifest in the upcoming year.

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Karma Analysis between this lifetime, your last lifetime and next lifetime $100.00 

This is an exciting and fun examination of issues that have been resolved, worked on may be carried into our next life. 

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Other Services:

Note: Initial reading is required prior to these readings.

Specific Questions or Follow up to the Initial Consultation $100.00

Relocation Analysis $100.00

Remedials: Level 1 $100.00  Level II $200.00  Level III-V varies depending on need of the student.





What others have said about their readings:

"I wanted to let you know that I am thoroughly enjoying the mantras, and have found a noticeable difference in how I feel."  M.B. Florida.


"I was also very impressed by the accuracy of the reading." A.S. Vancouver B.C.


"It feels good to have something I can do myself for my own healing." F.M. California


"My Mantras have been going really well!!!"  A.C. Canada


“Every prediction made in my charts has come to serve me, you had it right” J.P Orlando, FL


"Yogi Baba Prem quickly identified a stone I was wearing that caused numerous problems in my chart, as soon as I removed the stones, I felt an immediate change and things have been improving steady every since."  S.R. Florida


"I could feel a definite change once I started the mantra that was best for my chart."  D.C. Florida


"You told me things that other astrologers has never mentioned." S.P. Colorado


"This was my favorite thing I did in 2010." K.S.--Canada


"Thank you for the remedies that you've given me.  I've never seen anything like it.  It seems to really give me a great deal of control and awareness over my speech that I can't recall experiencing before.  Also something that I can't tangibly explain seems to be 'right' now."  P.P. Virginia 


"It has made a big difference for me and, once again, I am grateful for your guidance."  C.A. Mass.


"I absolutely enjoyed my Vedic astrology reading." R.Z. New Jersey