About Yogi Baba Prem

Yogi Baba Prem has a somewhat broad exposure and study of several traditions of India. Generally, he moves to the tradition that is most beneficial for the student.  He does teach from the perspective of Kashmir Shaivitism, the Vedic tradition blending a homogeneous relationship between the Vedas and tantra.  He favors the Rishi traditions, as well as Samkhya, Jyotish and Ayurveda.  He teaches yoga as darshan tradition and favors a focus on kundalini. 

His latest work has been introducing yoga systems that are relatively unknown in the west.  He is also one of the few practitioners of Vedic Yoga and Rishi Yoga, an ancient and little known system of study dating back at least 8500 years.  He only teaches this system to a limited number of student's. Some of his latest work has involved decoding the Sapta Rishi's from an astrological perspective and examining seals from the Indus Valley civilization.  He is involved in research into unlocking secrets of ancient Hindu/Yogic teachings and has put forth several theories regarding the Vedas and other important teachings. 

Universal Yoga

Universal Yoga was founded by Yogi Baba Premacharya.  He is one of only a few westerners to be recognized in the traditional systems of  India.  He was accepted by Mahavatar Babaji as his student (shishya) and is considered one of only a handful of direct student's of Mahavatar Babaji.  His study and teaching practice spans over 30 years. He has received the traditional title Yogacharya.

He is one of the few westerners to have received the title of Veda Kovid (2003) meaning proficiency in the Vedas, and then Veda Visharada (2006) meaning comprehensive knowledge of the Vedas in the traditional Indian Gurukual (one on one) system. After immersion in a variety of Vedic fields and over 15 years of Vedic study, research and work, Yogi Baba Prem was recognized (2018) as a Master Vedic Counselor in the Integral Vedic Tradition through his Vedacharya Vamadeva Shastri (David Frawley.)  This recognition is based upon knowledge of Dharma, Vedas, Vedic Philosophy, Ayurveda, Jyotish and deeper mantric Vedic studies. More information will be available on this later this year.

Yogi Baba Prem spent several years at one of Babaji's sacred etheric locations performing sacred rituals with Babaji, and he communicates with Babaji on a regular basis. 

He has received the darshan (vision) of Shiva, Ganesh, Kali, Sarasvati, Durga, beloved Gayatri, as well as Prana Shakti.

"Baba Prem is one of the best trained and most articulate spokesmen of Hindu Dharma born in the West. He brings to his teachings a deep study and practice of Yoga, Ayurveda and Jyotish as well as a clear understanding of the principles of Sanatana Dharma and the cultural heritage of India." --Vedacharya Vamadeva Shastri (David Frawley)

"Humble yourself and serve mankind." --Mahavatar Babaji  during their first meeting circa 1989. 

While having been born in the west, he is recognized as one of the leading spokesmen for Hindu Dharma born in the west. His papers have offered insight and tackled some of the more difficult issues facing Hinduism and students of spirituality. Currently he is working on projects that address areas of confusion amongst western students of eastern spirituality. He is also writing extensively on the Vedas and their relevance within each person's life and spiritual practice.

Vedic Horizons listed him as one of the 14 most significant Vedic intelluctuals in the western world. 

In the book, 'A Tribute to Hinduism' Yogi Baba Prem was included amongst the 500 most significant intellectuals contributing to Hinduism in approximately the last 400 years.

Yogi Baba Prem has over 5 published books, and several books that are published in India.  Additionally, he has performed editing for several important books on Sanskrit, Yoga, Hinduism and Vedic Studies. 

Yogi Baba Prem has been published in:

  • India Facts.

  • Hindu Human Rights.

  • The Chakra News.

  • OmPlace Published in 2010-2017.  Yogi Baba Prem is a regular contributor.

  • Author of numerous books including, "From Earth to Heaven: Secrets of Yoga, Goddess and Spirituality". "Yogic Secrets of the Vedas" and many more.  He has been published in India.

  • New Global Indian Magazine--with readership in 16 countries.  Published 2010.

  • Tattva for Hindu Youth (HSS, Hindu YUVA) Published 2010.

  • Bimonthly, his articles appeared in the online magazine for the American Institute of Vedic Studies.

  • Vedic Astrology Magazine in India. 

  • His book, "Understanding the Kundalini" has been published in India.  Listed in the top 100 books on the kundalini by Ramesh Chandra Shukla.  This book is also carried at the Smt. Hansa Mehta Library. 

His articles have also appeared in:

  • Hindu Human Rights

  • Chakra News

  • India Facts

  • Tattva

  • New Global Indian Magazine

  • Boloji

  • Hindupad

  • Journal of Yoga

  • Yoga Age

  • Spirithit

  • Vedic Friends Newsletter

  • Hindu Wisdom

  • and many more.

Yogi Baba Prem has given hundreds of lectures and taught thousands of people over the years. He teaches one of the most authentic and spiritually compelling forms of yoga and spirituality available anywhere outside of India. Providing a practical western approach to a vast and complicated system of eastern spirituality. This approach allows 'the Yogi' as some students call him to teach beginner students and advanced students through understanding their unique needs and perspectives toward spiritual growth.

Yogi Baba Premacharya has studied Sanskrit (the language that many of the ancient texts of yoga and Ayurveda are written in). He has completed over 3400 hours of study through the American Institute of Vedic Studies. His Vedic studies have included areas such as Tantra, Vedic history, Vedic texts, Ayurveda, Vedic astrology, select Brahmanas, Aranyakas, Upanishads, select Puranas, and related fields. He is also knowledgeable in some forms of Puja, Homas, and Yajnas.


He has studied Ayurveda through programs offered by and Dr. David Frawley, and Dr. Vasant Lad. He has received certificates from the American Institute of Vedic Studies crediting him with over 600 hours of Ayurvedic study and served as a Diplomat with the American Ayurvedic Association prior to its merging with another organization. He was also awarded the title of Ayurvedic Practitioner. Yogi Baba Premacharya has been invited to lecture at such institutions as Rollins College and Seminole State. He has been invited and lectured in India as well. He received a Hindu sacred thread through our local Hindu Mandir. 

Vedic Qualifications.

He is qualified in Vedic counseling, as a Vedic educator, Vedic yoga, and to teach Vedic philosophy. He is recognized as teaching mantras, and yoga practices in an authentic Vedic manner. He is also available to provide insight into the relationships between classical Vedic teachings and Ayurveda (Indian health science), Yoga, and Vedic astrology.  He serves as a spiritual teacher for many student's globally, as well. 

His study has been primarily through the traditional gurukula system, which emphasizes direct contact and guided instruction with the teacher. Such a traditional study of Vedic knowledge is at a practitioner level and provides a level of instruction much deeper than mere academic studies of the subject.

 In 2004, he chaired a committee on the preservation of Dharma at the VFA conference with Swami Dayananda. He served as an editor for AIVS newsletter for 8 years. 

Yogi Baba Prem is one of the few practitioners of Rishi Yoga, an ancient and little known tradition that is hidden in the Vedas.  He teaches a limited number of practitioners Rishi Yoga, and there are very few practitioners of Rishi Yoga that exist in the world at this time, this tradition is primarily an oral tradition that requires highly developed meditative skill and a teacher from within the tradition. 

Formal Education

  • Formally recognized as a Master Vedic Counselor in the Integral Vedic Counseling tradition.

  • Awarded Seminary Religious Degree of Th.D  (Religious Doctorate Hindu Theology) This is a seminary degree that focuses on specialized study and is quite different from programs in a mainstream university.

  • Ordained as a Hindu Spiritual Minister.

  •  Formal recognition as a Yogacharya.

  • Formally recognized as an Acharya in Babaji's Vedic lineage by Mahavatar Babaji.

  • Credited with over 3400 hours of Yogic/Vedic study.

  • Received title of Veda Visharada (Comprehensive Knowledge of the Vedas.)

  • Received title of Vedakovid (Proficiency with the Vedas.)

  • Certificate in Vedic Astrology, 200 hours of study.

  • Certification in Ayurveda, 600 hours of study.

  • Certificate in Ayurveda, additional 250 hours of study. 

  •  Certificate in Ayurveda.

  •  Certificate in Shakti Healing.

  •  Recognized as master of Naad Yoga by Babaji Maharaj.

  •  Diploma with a study emphasis on Karma, Bhakti, Hatha, Raja and Kundalini yoga systems.

  •  Completed Year long Yoga Philosophy program.


Baba and Puppy

"Baba Prem is one of the best trained and most articulate spokesmen of Hindu Dharma born in the West. He brings to his teachings a deep study and practice of Yoga, Ayurveda and Jyotish as well as a clear understanding of the principles of Sanatana Dharma and the cultural heritage of India." --Vedacharya Vamadeva (David Frawley)

"Humble yourself and serve mankind." --Mahavatar Babaji  during their first meeting circa 1989.

"I urge people to support the work of Yogi Baba Prem" --Sri Dharma Pravartaka