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Learn Sanskrit

Sanskrit is not only the language of yoga, it is a bridge between the language of Divinity and the language of humanity.  We offer a variety of Sanskrit options. From specialized workshops, to home study programs, and private tutoring. Learning Sanskrit can transform your yoga practice and understanding of yogic teachings. It is one of the most important areas of study for serious yoga students, or students of mantra.

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We are proud to announce that we now offer a home study course in Basic Sanskrit. Learn the Sanskrit alphabet, abbreviations, introduction to compounds. These the basic requirements to be able to chant Sanskrit properly. The cost of the program is only $65.00, plus 7.00 shipping to your area (U.S. and Canada--outside of these areas contact for shipping costs prior to ordering. Florida residents add 6% sales tax.   Note See Special offer below.


We Highly recommend our book “Mantra: Inner Transformation through the Power of Sound” as a supplement to your Sanskrit course. It is filled with numerous mantras on a variety of needs such as: Health, Prosperity, Spiritual Growth, Planets, Protection, And much more.  Plus there is Sanskrit in many sections to help with practicing the information you have learned in the course.  This also includes romanized transliteration to help student's check and practice their Sanskrit.  This book also includes most mantras in romanized transliteration (English), so student's that do not know Sanskrit can learn the mantras as well.  New!! Now available as an Ebook.

 The cost is only $25.00 for the book, plus $8.00 shipping to your area in the U.S. or Canada. Florida residents add 6% sales tax.


Ebook, 'Mantras: Inner Transformation through the Power of Sound". 
This is the same book but now available as a PDF file, so it can be viewed on most devices such as a tablet, phone etc.  Save $8.00 on shipping.  The cost is only $25.00, NO SHIPPING. Florida residents add 6% sales tax.

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Many students have requested that we also offer our 5 video downloads that reviews and expands the information in the course; this addition is excellent for visual learners and those that like the feel of a classroom type class.  We have added a 4th video at no additional charge! This addition creates a comprehensive course that includes additional facts, tidbits and more practice and information for learning basic Sanskrit. Note: Video files will be as Windows Media files.  This will also include the download of the audio CD for the main Sanskrit course.  Note: CD audio files are MP3 files.  All this for only $140.00.   Plus $15.00 priority shipping (for U.S.) for the study manual.  If you are outside the U.S., contact us for shipping rates to your country.

You receive via download:
1 Audio CD
5 Video lectures
Via mail:
1 Course Book.


  • "Sanskrit is the language of yoga and meditation.  Though the technology of Sanskrit we imbide a knowedge on many different levels of our being. For me personally, learning basic Sanskrit was one of the most important steps in my spiritual growth."--Yogi Baba Prem