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Online Study

Yogi Baba Prem has numerous online programs for student's.  These programs cover information not commonly found in books.  They offer an opportunity to study more advanced teachings from the comfort of ones home.  Once your order is placed, allow 24 hours for us to process your order.  You will be provided with a link to watch the lecture.  Lectures remain active for you for one week.  You may watch as many times as you wish.  If additional time is needed to watch the lecture, merely let us know.  Note: once your purchase there are no refunds for programs. Note: These programs are not recommended if one is pregnant.  Currency is in U.S. dollars.  To watch these programs or courses, all you need is access to high speed internet.

As Yogi Baba Prem generally only teaches more advanced programs, the programs are not recommended if one is pregnant without preapproval from Universal Yoga.  By attending or purchasing a program, you agree that it is your responsibility to know when to stop an exercise.  Participants assume all responsibility for your health and wellness.


NOTE: if you do not have a PayPal account we can invoice you through PayPal to assure you a safe transaction and so you can use your debit or credit card.  Just email us the program you would like to watch or attend.

New Program!!!

10-week online study the Yamas and Niyamas

The yamas and niyamas found the foundation for spiritual study and yoga. Few explore their depth, and in this series, Yogi Baba Prem reveals Yamas and Niyamas that most students are never exposed to.  We will not only learn the Yamas and Niyamas, you will learn to evaluate them in your life, access strengths and weaknesses and strategize how to incorporate them within your life in a more meaningful way to promote peace and contentment.



Investment: $350.00, limited time offer $300.00




Mini Meditations: Self-Love

Love is one of the most powerful and compelling of the emotions. Many people place their highest priorty searching for love.  Welcoming love into one's heart can begin with self love, in this 4-week series, Yogi Baba Prem teaches simple but powerful short meditations to explore self-love.  Each week you will receive one lecture and meditation ranging from 20-25 minutes. Take this opportunity and invest opening doors to explore loving your self. 

Investment: $70.00


Philsophy and Karma series.

Spirituality is based upon the practice of various philosophical models.  But the problem most people face is that different models use different terms and approach the same subject differently.  In this series, Yogi Baba Prem teaches a profound philosophical model that can be applied to other models to quickly understand them on deeper levels.  This can transform one's spiritual practice and creates tools that one can use the rest of their life.  This in-depth program is taught in two parts:

 Part 1 is a 5-week program (1 lecture per week) that includes handouts.  Part 2 is a 4-week (1 lecture per week) series that builds upon the information covered in part 1.  First one learns the model and elements that comprise it.  Then one learns how this information applies to the mind and how the mind embraces and processes this information.  Then the program teaches how other philosophical systems or terms fit into the model you have learned.  This has been one of our most popular programs and has transformed students understanding of the spiritual journey. 

We recommend that one take the karma series below before taking this series but it is not required. 

Investment part 1: $175.00

Those that complete part one will receive the option to continue with part 2 vial email.  Investment for part 2 is $140.00

Certification option. 
This program includes part 1, part 2 of philosophy and a special study of karma.  This includes 13 lectures and takes slightly over 3 months to complete.  1 lecture per week.  Successful completion of the program results in certification from Yogi Baba Prem and Universal Yoga. 

Investment: $555.00
Email us for this program. 

Recommended Karma program is below:



There is little doubt that karma is one of the most confusing and misunderstood terms in modern yoga practice and spirituality.

Join Yogi Baba Prem on a 4-week journey (one lecture per week), as unravels and reveals the secrets to karma, revealing shocking insight into this profound and expansive term. Discover how karma actually works versus what you have been taught. Learn to see karma in all aspects of your life and within the life of others. Go beyond what most teachers understand about karma, take your knowledge to the next level.

Each week you will receive a link to watch the lecture. You may watch as many times as you wish during that week. Watch from the comfort of your home and on your schedule. Join PhDs, yoga teachers, teachers from a variety of traditions and those that are simply interested in deepening their spiritual understanding, who have taken this exciting program. 

Investment: $140.00


Certification Program for the above programs.

We have had several teachers request a certification for the above programs.  This is 13-week online program that you take from home.  One lecture per week.  This includes the Part 1 and part 2 of the Transformation Philosophical Model Series for a total of 9-weeks and includes the 4-series on karma.  This program teaches the levels of the mind.  How to recognize them and builds a foundation for responding to these levels with students.  It will teach a model on recognizing and terminology for our discussing true identity and provide a model for explaining this to students.  This program puts it together a food foundation as to who you really are and the qualities that comprise your being.  This program is based upon the ancient teachings from India.  Additionally, this program will expand one's understanding of karma, unlocking secrets of karma and karmas true purpose.  Again providing models for teaching students and understanding the actions of others. 

This is powerful program to transform one's understanding of philosophy, providing practical and in-depth insight and knowledge. 

Support: Email support is FREE.  Yogi Baba Prem will usually personally answer your questions, though the course will address most questions. 

While the program should be completed in 14 weeks. We want you succeed in this program.  If additional time is needed to complete the program, kindly let us know and we will see what we can reasonably do. 

Requirements for certification:

1.Take the 13-week online program from your home. 

2. Successfully complete the test to demonstrate you understand the concepts and principles.

3. Provide a very short audio lecture on a subject pertaining to the course. 

Other important things to know.  Once you purchase, there are no refunds.  You are locked into the program, as we can only accommodate a limited number of students at a time. 

Investment: $555.00




The Yogic View of the Menstrual Cycle.

In the ancient Yogic/Hindu traditions, looking toward the sky at night, a particular star was associated with one drop of menstrual blood.  It is obvious that the ancient view of the menstrual cycle was somewhat different than what is taught today.  But somewhere something happened and this understanding was lost.  What emerged from the standpoint of the great spiritual/religious traditions, the menstrual cycle became one of the most controversial subjects.  As it has often been used to ban women from various religious ceremonies or attendance to various types of temples. In this exciting lecture, Yogi Baba Prem cuts through the patriarchal views and explores the greater mystery of the menstrual cycle.  This program is important for every female to watch, but it is also very important for every male to watch to understand some of the mysteries of the menstrual cycle.  Mothers or mothers to be can watch and then teach their daughters this important information.  This program will also include important meditations that all females can use to tap into the greater message of the menstrual cycle. 


Blocking Negativity and Cleansing  the Aura.

Changes in mood, emotions, headaches that are not based in disease or chemical imbalance can sometimes be attributed to absorbing negativity from others. This important program will teach how to energy absorption works, how to block or reduce absorption from negative energy.  The program will also focus on simple and easy yogic techniques to cleanse the aura. 

Who can learn or benefit from this program: Yoga teachers, meditation teachers, therapists, doctors, empaths, sales people, retail people, or anyone that feels drained after interacting with certain people. 


Investment: $40.00


Marmas 1 & 2

Marmas are energy zones throughout the physical and subtle body.  There are physical landmarks that indicate where these marmas are.  In this series of 4-lectures, Yogi Baba Prem will teacher how to work with marmas, how to not harm marmas and will focus on easy to find marmas that deal with emotions, spirituality and various organs. 

In the traditional teachings of Yoga/Ayurveda, marmas could be used to increase or decrease energy flow.  You will the following:

  • Sanskrit name of the marma being examined.
  • How to locate the marma.
  • What the marma is associated with.
  • Marmas for emotions.
  • Marmas for organs.
  • How to properly touch the marma. 
  • And more.

This program is designed for beginners, and those that have little to no knowledge of marmas.  You will receive 1 lecture each week for a total of four weeks (4-lectures).  This provides time to practice and learn the information covered in the lecture.

Investment: $250.00




Pranic Healing Level 1

For many decades Yogi Baba Prem has used pranic healing to heal his body.  As with all forms of healing, including medicine, pranic healing is an attempt to modify karma. 

In this lecture series, Yogi Baba Prem will explore the karmic relationship with disease.  Ways to increase prana within the mind and body, and how to direct the energy for increased potential in healing within your own body.  Using sound to balance the mind and body.  Increasing prana within the body will be examined as well.  This program is perfect for those that have no or little experience in healing work, as well as yoga teachers, massage therapists.  As well as individuals that just wish to nourish skills that could increase prana (life-force) within their own body.  3 lectures, one per week online!

Additionally, Learn:

  • Traditional teachings to increase prana in the astral body.

  • Using sound to clear energy.

  • Clearing your own energy.

  • What to NOT project prana into and why!

"I use this on my cat!" Arizona

"I greatly enjoyed the Pranic Healing I Course. Thank you for offering it!"  E.J., AZ USA

"I really liked the Prana Healing, and am practicing your exercises." L.C. Mexico

Investment:  $400.00 Now only $350.00 (limited time only-you save $50.00)


Exploring Shiva


In this lecture, Yogi Baba Prem continues his exploration of Shiva and builds upon information he shared years ago.  In this program he will explore little known bija mantras to Shiva and expand on how to more deeply work with those bijas.  He will also reveal important mantras that are associated with Shiva, but are not commonly known to be associated with Shiva.  He will also examine more of the symbols associated with Shiva.  Additionally, Yogi Baba Prem will reveal exciting about information about Shiva and the heavens. 

This program is focused on cultivating a deeper relationship with Divine Consciousness. 

'Thank you very much for the class. I quite enjoyed it - especially the chanting...that packed a real punch!' D.M. Canada

Investment: $30.00


Mantras for Obstacles in Life.

Yogi Baba Prem explores and teaches numerous tantric mantras for removal of obstacles in ones daily life. Most importantly, he will teach a technique to address generational karmas, these are karmas that started with relatives in distance past that have carried forward into and are manifesting in ones current life.  This is often an overlooked but important area that must be addressed to remove obstacles to spiritual growth for many people. 

In this program, you will learn several techniques to address these generational karmas.  You will learn a mantra to remove obstacles in life in general.  Yogi Baba Prem will also teach a Guru mantra to remove obstacles.  This program will include tantric mantras that are not commonly known or taught to the public.  An excellent opportunity to learn important teachings for ones spiritual growth.  The program moves into more advanced tantric mantras.  Class size is limited.

Investment: $40.00


Ushas: 15 aspects of spiritual awakening, knowledge and expansion.

It is well known that Yogi Baba Prem is one of the few modern day practitioners that has a well established relationship with the Vedic Divine Dawn (Ushas).  Ushas represents our awakening to deeper levels of realization and spiritual perception.  Yogi Baba Prem was the first person in hundreds of years to compile sacred names (nama valli) and the only person known to create a nama valli for Ushas.  Those that have chanted the sacred names of Ushas have reported powerful changes in their life. 

Now ones experience of awakening can move to deeper level with new mantras to Ushas that once were taught on the earth and became lost to humanity.  This series of mantra have been brought down from the ethers back into the earthly dimension and again are available to humanity. 

In this program, he will reveal the tantric connection and bijas for Ushas, as well as 15 sacred mantras and Ushas shodashi mantras.  Note: Those attending this program will take a vow to not teach these mantras to anyone without written authorization from Yogi Baba Prem. 

Investment: $50.00


Understanding Sanskrit Grammar 101-vowels.

This program is open only to student's that have a basic understanding of Sanskrit.  Each student must be able to recognize Sanskrit letters.  If you have taken our home study program you qualify to attend this program.

This program will examine the relationship with vowels.  This information is necessary to understand how some words are separated.  This program is important in preparing student's for the next level of study which is the relationship of consonants. 

This program will be recorded and student's will be provided with a copy of the recording to keep so they may review as many times as necessary.

Investment: $40.00


Secrets of The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali--Samadhi Pada, Book 1

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are likely the most well known yoga teachings in the world.  As sutras, they contain a minimal amount of information to preserve a concept or teaching.  Most yoga teachers are not exposed to the wealth of information that accompanies the Yoga Sutras.  This program bridges the gap between modern knowledge and the ancient teachings pertaining to the Yoga Sutras.  Yogi Baba Prem will examine Sanskrit terms by exploring their deeper meaning and application.  He will share practical applications of the Yoga Sutras in one's daily life, and explore the depths of information that is hidden within the sutras. 

'I am really enjoying the program and the depth and knowledge you are offering, it far surpasses anything I have ever learned about the Yoga Sutras from the Yoga Teacher Trainings I have taken. Thank you for offering this!'--A.C. Edmonton, Canada

This program consists of 17 lectures, one lecture a week, and contains approximately 17 hours of lectures exercises and hidden knowledge from the Yoga Sutras.  This program focuses exclusively on the 1st book of the Yoga Sutras commonly known as the Samadhi Pada.  This course takes over four months to complete, and is designed for beginners to advanced student's, but is really for any student that is serious about learning the secrets of spirituality, yoga and meditation.  This program teaches what most teachers do not know about the Yoga Sutras and unlocks the deeper meaning and application of the sutras.

'I felt something very organic and quite special happening with each added sutra.  The energy that surrounded each session was palpable.' -J.S. California 

You may watch each lecture as many times as you wish during the week.  Note: most lectures are approximately 60 minutes in length. 

This program will include a certificate of completion once you have completed the 17 lectures. 

Investment: $595.00  

You also receive FREE online support via email should you have any questions regarding the material. 

Plus you will receive a FREE copy of the booklet with the sutras transliterated and with the translation that is used in the course for ease of following along with the lecture. 

If you love the Yoga Sutras, as well as wisdom and knowledge, then this is the course for you!

There is a payment plan available as well, where your payments for the course are spread out over several payments.  For information on this email us.



The Relationship between Yoga and Hinduism

This is one of the more controversial topics in modern yoga.  Is Yoga a part of Hinduism?  Is Hinduism found in Yoga?  Yogi Baba Prem presents the facts and asks this very question!  Join us and explore this fascinating topic and learn the facts.

This was originally supposed to be a mini-lecture but was much longer then expected and is about 34 minutes.

You can watch from the convenience of your home and watch as often as you wish over the next 7 days, after ordering.

Investment: $15.00



Secrets of the Yoga Sutras 1

In this lecture, Yogi Baba Prem reveals little know facts about sutra 1.2, 2.1 and 3.1.  He examines how these sutras are interconnected and their powerful synchronous relationship between these three sutras.  Additionally, he explores how to apply these three sutras within ones life. 

Everyone from beginners to people that have extensive study in the yoga sutras will learn from this program.  Additionally, this program will examine the deeper meaning of these words.  For example, the term 'chitta' found in the second sutra is commonly translated as 'mind stuff' but this has little relevance, but when one understands that 'chitta' is the final manifestation of consciousness flowing from 'cit' to 'citti' then to 'chitta'--the individual mind,  suddenly 'chitta' has much more relevance to each person.  Learn this and more fascinating facts. 

Lecture length: approximately 56 minutes

Investment: Save $5.00 for a limited time only $45.00



Nadi Meditation

Nadi meditation is an important, simple and powerful tool for wellness and spiritual growth.  Most yoga systems recognize and focus on the Nadi system to a degree.  This includes Hatha and even Kunadlini yoga traditions.  Ayurveda (Yogic wellness system)  focuses on the nadi system as well.  There are over 350,00 nadi's within the yoga tradition.  In this program, you will learn the most important Nadi's and a simple meditation to cleanse them. 

This program is approximately 90 minutes in length.

Investment: $50.00



Chakra Series

This was a great lecture!! I have been feeling that there was a lack of depth in books and trainings' regarding things like the chakras, values, koshas etc and have been looking for more without much success at this point! So this was just amazing! Thank you for sharing such wonderful information!-A.C. Canada

This series of lectures focuses on chakras 1-4.  This program will focus on the secret meaning and application of sounds within chakras. Learn which chakras access different portions of the mind. The major nadi's (streams of energy) associated with chakras.  Planetary energy associated with the chakras. Practice exercises.  Learn which chakra is associated with destruction of disease.  This program will also include information on secret chakras as well. Each program is approximately 1-hour in length. 

4 lectures, one link sent each week to allow you really study the information on each chakra.  This is a 4-week study program.

Investment: $130.00

Want to try one lecture?  Enjoy the 1st chakra for only $30.00.

Mantra to the Sacred Thumb.

It has been taught that understanding the sacred thumb concept and the mantra to the sacred thumb is a key component in moving towards spiritual realization.  This program is packed full of information, explanations of the meanings of the Sanskrit words and their hidden meaning.  Then learn how to chant the mantra itself.  If you are into spiritual growth and transformation, this is an important program for you.  Program length is approximately 40 minutes. 

Investment: $30.00

Introduction to the Gunas

This is a lecture that was given for Canadian student's on the Triguna. Covering the basics and how to recognize the gunas in many different aspects of life is covered as well.  This was a light-hearted and fun lecture for participants.  In this program you will learn qualtieis associated with the gunas and a more expansive view of the gunas. 

Learning about and having a solid foundation of the Gunas is essential for all practitioners and teachers of yoga.  As they play an important role in the views and teachings of yoga. Build a solid foundation in your understanding of the Gunas!

Investment: $35.00

Introduction to the Subgunas.

This program goes far beyond the gunas themselves and reveals a deeper understanding and definition of the Gunas--The subgunas.  This system of classification includes numerous subgunas and their associated qualities.  This will allow student's and teachers to have a much deeper understanding of themselves and others.  It also allows one to create a roadmap toward higher spiritual awareness and growth.  After watching the program, receive a short email from Yogi Baba Prem that will include additional information on how to take the subgunas to a deeper level and application.  Experience a new level of depth and understanding!

Investment: $35.00

Secrets of the Stars 1

This has been a very popular lecture series.  Learn about the yogic philosophy that is written in the heavens.  How the heavens are linked with our karmas.  Your relationship with the planets.  Learn about the sun journey, which is ones journey in life as well.  Learn about the three worlds and your relationship with them.  Also included in a solar energization exercise to increase ones energy and to energize the mind and body with higher spiritual energy.  There is so much more that one will learn such as a secret bija mantra and its relationship with the soul and heavens. 

Investment: $30.00

Exploring Anger and Spirituality

In this fascinating workshop, Yogi Baba Prem explores the roots to anger from a Yogic perspective.  Learn what yoga has to say about anger, and learn strategies for working on anger issues.  This program will also include sacred sounds for reducing anger.  And as a bonus, you will receive two FREE meditations for relaxation and healing.

Investment: $30.00

Secrets of Sanskrit 1

If you know nothing about Sanskrit you can learn from this program, but program is intended for student's that have an understanding of basic Sanskrit.  In this program, learn a new way of looking at bija mantras.  Learn a basic formula of how mantras are built.  Learn about the energies of consciousness that are associated with the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet.

Sanskrit is the intermediary between the language of the Devas and the language of humanity, deepen your knowledge of Sanskrit for greater understanding of yourself and spirituality.

Investment: $30.00

The Elements and the Mind

This is a fascinating lecture on the elements and their relationship with the mind.  Learn and build a foundation for understanding what it means when an element is too high or too low within the mind.  Also begin to learn strategies on how to balance the elements using foods, visualizations and sacred sounds. 

This is an important program for all student's of spirituality.  It covers important information for understanding the mind from a balanced and unbalanced perspective.

Investment: $35.00

Stress and Anxiety Workshop

Learn easy tools for addressing stress and anxiety.  Learn how stress can affect your health and a variety of bodily system affected by stress. 

This lecture provides meditations, sounds, aromas, foods and a variety of breathing exercises that can help in reducing stress.  Yogi Baba Prem shares how stress affected his life when he was young.  Discover why stress is so serious, and why it is important to address stress within ones life.

Investment: $35.00

Usha, The Divine Dawn

For the first time in known history, Yogi Baba Prem has compiled many of the sacred names of Usha, the divine dawn.  Chanting these sacred names can strengthen ones relationship with the divine dawn which represents ones awakening to spiritual truths.  The divine dawn is a universal truth (dharma), and something that every human experiences to varying degrees.  From the yogic tradition, chanting the sacred names can have a profound effect on ones spiritual growth over lifetimes.  This is a rare opportunity to learn these sacred names and let them become a portion of your personal yoga practice.  This program covers the first grouping of names.

This lecture is taught in two parts.  The first lesson teaches the initial 33 names of Usha.  The second lecture provides understanding into the meaning of the names.  For the first time, this compilation of names is being made available to the public.  We hope you will immerse yourself into these names for your personal growth and for the planetary consciousness as well.   Yogi Baba Prem is one of the few teachers that has written and lectured about the importance of Ushas.

Once your order has been processed, you will receive a link to watch the first lecture.  You will have one-week, then the following week you will receive the second link to watch the next lecture.

Total lecture time is approximately 58 minutes for lecture 1 and approximately  44 minutes for lecture 2.

Investment: $80.00

Yogic Secrets of Healing 2: Digestive Health and Principles of Digestion. 

Tired, rundown, low on energy?  In this program, Yogi Baba Prem explores the Ayurvedic and yogic teachings regarding digestion.  This program will examine digestions role in fatigue, tiredness and toxins within the body produced by improper digestion.  Improper digestion is further supported by sugar and white flour consumption, and often coffee or energy drinks are used to compensate for the feelings of tiredness.  Eventually, this process is believed to stress the adrenal glands, which further complicates the issue according to traditional views. This program will teach the Ayurvedic and Yogic view of strengthening digestion, and will involve strategies for eating, yoga exercises, breathing exercises and more to try and strengthen digestion.  Student's will also learn to recognize the body's stories regarding digestion, according to yoga and Ayurveda.  This program is almost 90 minutes in length.

Investment: $55.00


Here is what student's are saying:

"This was a great lecture!! I have been feeling that there was a lack of depth in books and trainigs regarding things like the chakras, vayus, koshas etc and have been looking for more without much success at this point! So this was just amazing! Thank you for sharing such wonderful information!-A.C. Canada


"This book will assist in opening one's awareness to divinity which is everywhere and in everything."--Florida.


"Class was very informative and thought provoking!!!" H.N, California


"Class was awesome tonight!!--S.A. Orlando


"thank you for the link for the lectures." B.S. Slovenia


"I really enjoyed the goddess workshop. It was an incredible prospective to look at the moon and see a different “wonder”. --M.B. United States 


"Love the information you are sharing!" --DM Canada


"Many thanks for the inspiration." R.H. New Zealand


"That was simply wonderful."--E.J. Arizona


"Thank you for yet another insightful class!"--L.R.- Colorado