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Mantra Teacher Certification Course.

Learn the essence of the oldest recorded system of yoga.

This style of yoga has been rarely taught outside of India.  It is a powerful system of yoga in itself and can be incorporated into other yoga systems such as hatha.  In fact, most systems of yoga in India involve mantra teachings.

Chanting mantra is one of the easiest forms of yoga.  It transcends physical limitations, but can add to the effectiveness of physical postures. 

Our program is one of the most comprehensive in the world and provides one-on-one study with Yogi Baba Prem.  This program is taught using elements of the traditional Gurukual system.  A basic foundation is created for all teachers, and then the program is customized and tuned to each specific teacher. 


What is included:

This program includes initial study materials, books, and downloads.

12 private sessions with Yogi Baba Prem via teleconference or video conference. (Broadband Internet connection required for students and a headset with microphone which is not included in the study materials.)

During the Gurukual portion, additional texts may be suggested.  These will require additional purchases but should not exceed $150.00.  Most of these texts will be from India and Yogi Baba Prem will direct students where they can purchase these texts. 

Students have 1 year to complete the program.

Cost of the program is $2,500.00  This includes primary study texts, shipping (United States and Canada), and online sessions with Yogi Baba Prem. 

Once ordered, there are no refunds on this program. 

All perspective students must complete an application to this program and be accepted into the program.  Applications are reviewed by Yogi Baba Prem and acceptance into the program is based on a comprehensive application review.  Application fee is $35.00 and is nonrefundable. We invoice the application fee via paypal to provide a secure online transaction.  Please include your paypal email so we can send the invoice to you.  If you prefer to send a check, let us know. 


Request Application

Your application will be emailed to you shortly as a docx.  If you have any trouble opening it let us know.  We can send it as a different file type. 


A Message from Yogi Baba Prem

"Our Mantra Teacher program is a compreshensive program customized to the needs and focus of each student.  But most importantly is that it immereses student's into a world of mantra that few student's of yoga and spirituality ever experience."

--Yogi Baba Prem