Yogi Baba Prem has written several books which are published by Universal Yoga and in India.

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You can learn many secrets to Yoga and spirituality through these delightful ebooks.  


From Earth to Heaven:Secrets of Yoga, Goddess and Spirituality

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This book bridges modern books on yoga and much older seldom read or known books on Yoga, and expands on the teachings of Vedic Yoga.  In this book, Yogi Baba Prem makes important Vedic information accessible to everyone.  
Discover how divinity manifests within your life in a multitude of ways you may have never considered, and learn the importance of being conscious  of this divine interaction.
Additionally, the book explores the sacred earth, our relationship with the earth and what the Vedas has to say regarding the earth.  From Earth to Heaven also explores the feminine form of Divinity, and focuses on several important forms of Divinity.  This book is also one of the most important introductions to Vedic Yoga.   Yogi Baba Prem is one the few westerners authorized to teach Vedic Yoga.  Vedic Yoga can be combined with any yoga practice, as all yoga systems are intimately linked to Vedic Yoga.  
Learn important meditations and mantras (sacred sounds) for spiritual growth; such  as secrets of the Gayatri mantra, the most famous mantra in the world. It includes numerous important mantras and has one of the most in-depth chapters on Gayatri of any western book.  It is rapidly becoming an important reference book to teachers and a study manual for students. Yogi Baba Prem explores the relationship between  Earth and Heaven in his important work that unlocks secrets to spirituality and spiritual practice.  This book is destined to become a classic work for student's of spirituality.  One of unique features of this book is that it provides a variety of tools and techniques to open and expand ones consciousness.  The book is approximately 130 8-1/2 by 11 pages.  
There are not many books such as this currently available.  Get yours today!!! Your purchase goes to support the work of Universal Yoga and allows us to share important spiritual knowledge with individuals globally.   What this book will do for you:

  • Learn about the feminine forms of Divinity.  
  • You will discover numerous Divine feminine forms of consciousness that manifest in your life on a daily basis.   
  • You will learn how to access and honor these layers of consciousness and how to work with them for the betterment of the planet.  
  • You will learn secrets of the famed Gayatri mantra.  
  • You will learn numerous ways of working with Gayatri that are not known to many practitioners.   
  • And much more.   


Introduction to Astrological Yoga

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Introduction to Astrological Yoga

2nd Edition now available.

Learn about the newest aspect of yoga. This is the next hot area of study for yoga and teachers are beginning the study of astrological yoga.  If you practice yoga, you are practicing an aspect of Astrological Yoga, as this system is sown into the fabric of all yoga systems, but the majority of teachers have not been   taught this aspect of yoga. Now you can learn what teachers are   rushing to learn! Written for teachers with no astrological background!

Learn how the planets are connected with select asanas, chakras and mudras (hand positions).   This fascinating exploration of Yoga sheds new light onto the depth and meaning as well as practical aspects of yoga as well as knowledge to   begin to transform one's yoga practice into new levels of realization and understanding. 

Learn sacred sounds that can be combined with asana, secrets of the Sun Salutation and much more.  

Over one-hundred pages.  This book is excellent for beginners but detailed enough for advanced practitioners of yoga. It is also an excellent read for astrologers that would like to explore combining yoga with their astrological readings.  It is essential reading for students that want to establish a foundation   of learning the deeper secrets of Yoga.  

What this book will do for you:

  • It will teach you about the planets and their attributes in   your life.
  • It will teach you about postures and their association with   the planets.
  • It will educate how astrology has always been a part of   yoga.
  • It will teach a model for aligning the planets with the   chakras, allowing one to decode every posture and its planetary   association.  
  • Easy to follow programs for Eclipses, and the Sun and Moon.
  • Mantras (special and sacred sounds) are included.
  • How the Sun moves through your astral body.
  • The connection with the astral spine.
  • An much more.

This book introduces the reader to Yogi Baba Prem's theory regarding the Sapta Rishi's.  This is an important subject that few authors will even consider examining.  In this book, he introduces part one of the a three part theory regarding the location and function of the Sapta Rishi's, and the major change   that is almost upon the world.  


Ushas, the Divine Dawn: Awakening the human spirit/potential

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 In this book, Yogi Baba Prem continues his groundbreaking work regarding Usha (The Divine Dawn) and takes the reader much deeper in their understanding of the Divine Dawn and the process of awakening the mind to higher levels of consciousness and understanding.

Yogi Baba Prem reveals new mantras to Usha, some given to him by   Mahavatar Babaji and lessons from their personal conversations about   Usha.  Additionally, he teaches hand positions (mudras) that are not as   commonly known to be associated with Usha.  Then he examines the teachings from the Vedas and provides insight as to the deeper meaning of key words that allow the meaning of Ushas to come alive.  Then he provides an introduction to Dharma and its meaning and application with ones life.  

This book unveils the deeper meaning of the dawn, as well as howthe dawn is important within each persons life.  Learn meditations/mantras for awakening the dawn within yourself.  

Discover why Ushas is so important to your spiritual growth and how you can more consciously access this level of Divine  

Book size 5 x 7, over 70 pages.

Available as an eBook only.

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Secrets of the Yoga Sutras

Secrets of the Yoga Sutras takes the reader far beyond the common understanding of the Yoga Sutras.

Investment: $995lls on an understanding of Patanjali, Sanskrit, and deep insight into yoga and spirituality to unleash new insight and revelations about this important text.   This book reveals secrets to a key word in the Yoga Sutras and reveals practical to advanced understandings and applications of this important term.   

Additionally, Yogi Baba Prem reveals secrets hidden in other key words in the Yoga Sutras that transforms ones understanding of the teachings of the sutras and their relationship to the Vedas (the oldest yoga and spiritual teachings still practiced.) Over 40 pages (5 x 7) of transforming information that will take the reader beyond what many expert teachers know.  

Investment: $9.95

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Vedas, Yoga, Yogic Secrets, Ayurveda,

YOGIC SECRETS OF THE VEDAS: Exploring the roots to Ayurveda and Yoga. YOGIC SECRETS OF THE VEDAS: Exploring the roots to Ayurveda and Yoga. 

This book bridges modern books on yoga and much older seldom read books on Yoga, as well as introduces the oldest yoga system Vedic Yoga.  While this book was written prior to "From Earth to Heaven" (see   below), it is in essence a continuation of the important information  covered in "From Earth to Heaven".  This book continues to introduce the reader to "Vedic Yoga" and is one of the first books in the west to address and explore this ancient system of yoga.  This important work explores the roots to Ayurveda (an important healing system in India) and Yoga.  Vedic Yoga is considered the oldest system of yoga and many experts consider Vedic Yoga to be the closest we have to a mother system of yoga.  This book introduces the reader to little known but important manifestations of Divinity.   

Learn important meditations and mantras (sacred sounds) for spiritual growth.

Combined with "From Earth to Heaven" a powerful yogic system is unleashed for personal and planetary transformation.

This book provides a Vedic program that can extend up to 120-days for the reader, then provides additional materials to expand well beyond the 120-day program.  

The roots to Yoga and Ayurveda are found in an ancient group of texts known as the Vedas (Books of Knowledge).   Portions of the Vedas give astronomical references dating back to approximately 6500 BCE; making them amongst the worlds oldest  spiritual teachings still practiced today.  To many modern   readers, the Vedas are difficult to understand, as they are steeped in symbology, archaic language and multiple meanings for the same term, yet they form the foundation to modern Yoga, meditation and   Ayurveda (a healing system). In this book, Yogi Baba Prem provides clear and expansive explains on the Vedic teachings, allowing people of all levels of realization to access this sacred knowledge. 

Yogic Secrets of the Vedas approaches these important teachings from a very practical view.  Demystifying   terms and symbology, examining various teachings, principles and mantras from the standpoint of how they manifest within the reader's life on a daily basis, as-well-as their connection with Ayurveda.    

What this book will do for you:

  • It will explain Divine forms in Yoga and their hidden meanings.
  • It will teach a simple purification mantra.
  • You will learn a systematic Vedic Yoga program.
  • It will explain the inner and outer meaning of the Devas.
  • It will examine the Koshas or coverings of the soul.
  • It will teach you 5-simple steps to aid in transforming your karma.
  • And much more.

If you live in India and want a , kindly order from Biblia Impex.

Ebook Investment: $18.95

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Yoga Roots

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Yoga Roots addresses the major debate about the origins of yoga. In this book, Yogi Baba Prem examines one of the more controversial subjects 'Is yoga part of Hinduism?'   The Yogi admits that he had similar questions when he first started yoga.  This book is the result of that investigation occurring over 25 years. He begins with setting criteria for examining the question.  The Yogi examines the position of the tradition and examines what actual yoga texts have to say. Ultimately revealing the shocking revelation that we are asking the wrong question. This is an important scholarly work, but is an easy and enjoyable read for student's of all levels.  This is an important book for any practitioner of yoga and a must read for any teacher of yoga. As it clearly answers the question regarding the relationship of Yoga and Hinduism.  Ebook size 5 x 7, over 50 pages. 

Investment: 9.95

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